Monday 18 April 2016

Orthodox for O | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

I don't understand what's all the ado with secularism and liberals. In my opinion, orthodox people are most cruel!

If you preach peace then why can't you achieve peace? Because what they preach might not be what they practice.

God exists because evil can exist.

A terrorist - the mastermind never dies himself, he hires men and condition them to serve his purpose for the larger fictitious reason.

Take Saudi, holding on to tenants of Islam so much so that its constitution is based on sharia law. Fair enough. People who raise voice are hanged, lashed and killed. Well the world look in awe, no politician makes a cry about it, because oil rules the global economy. And to keep the oil barren content Saudi Araia heads UN's Human Rights wing.

The climate that becomes regressive, talks about caste, gender, color or religion akin to social structures is dangerous. Totally orthodox!

Some claim that India needs a dictator... Do they doubt the decision making power of a normal Indian and wish to assign that role to a dictator. I wonder if they are herds or plainly clueless about autocracy. Would they be fine if they have limited access to Internet? Or no freedom to have an opinion? Letting administrator rule over masses as if people are insignificant, is that being progressive? Do they know nothing about the great red book? There are bad elements everywhere but if suppressing a set of communities make you developed then you need to define your concept of development.

Political ideology that favours world's biggest mass murderer. Well the reason many people admire Hitler in my country is because of lack of knowledge about execution/concentration camps. All those animal loving pure vegetarian hindus cannot approve of killings of humans like that. And if they do, then to me they are 'hypocrites'. Period!

Author's Note: Being opinionated is really a great trait. But when an opinion is based on orthodox beliefs then it takes away the essence of discussion.

Brought together O from drafts!


  1. I wish religion and governance could be separated, but this is an ideal situation, and never going to happen. Yes, many want either an autocratic or military rule in this country, and do not understand the devastating consequences of such a move, as after all, power corrupts, and in the hands of a few, it will lead to absolute corruption.
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass


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