Tuesday 19 April 2016

People who Manipulate for P | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

It will rain when I will be taking my last breaths.
I will be complete at that time - be it today or some years down the line.
I am content with what I made, knowing that I made it through life.
And on my death bed, I will don a smile!

But still many a time I come across people who want to fix my life. I see my life perfect, they see dents in it. Why? Perhaps because I do not go by their conventions.

Or perhaps there is an innate force that drives humans to look for flaws in others so that they can keep their hand on their heart and chant - all is well!

What comes next from such people is - Gossip, Uncalled-for suggestions or manipulation!

We do not even gauge that we are being manipulated into someone else's idea of life. Well I will surly call it manipulation. I have been dragged into manipulative situations. Till that time I realise that the thing is so not me. What then - I start to retract. Hurts both me, who feels that I should have been honest about my feelings and my way of life and it hurts the manipulator - who has failed at one of this classic solutions of being a life saviour.

If I look from manipulator's mind - do they understand that they are being manipulative? As mostly they call themselves caring. I recollect once a serial manipulator passed a simple statement - it is fun to manipulate. Surly it is fun to make people dance on your tunes. Who does not love it? But who has better control on the situation? The one who is to be manipulated or the one who manipulates? I think it is the former! If we remain clear about what we want, we cannot be manipulated into something we do not want to do.

Author's Note: People exhaust me, I would rather watch a movie, read a book or head for a walk in the woods!

M done.. Yippi!

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  1. Such negative energy must be avoided, Shine and you've put it so honestly.


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