Wednesday 6 April 2016

Evil Eyes for E | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

Let's keep our love under shield from the evil eyes of this world. She said and left. It was the love that made her say that. She did not want to leave him. After a while, the door bell rang, and there she was back to whom she keeps telling to keep their love under wraps from the evil eyes of this world. It was a guilt that he asked her to stay. Else he would have broken her heart another time to be told that he has never been hers.

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Her mind screams.
Not for how he should be
But what love is suppose to feel like
Was it the evil eyes 
Or was it just not love
For all the eyes staring at them
Was it for the eyes that she stays
Or was it for her she was staying
Because at the back her mind was a constant question
Nagging her, screaming to come out loud
If evil eyes exist for the love she carried for him? 
Isn't true love meant to be so strong that it can overpower all evil? 
Was she with someone who would fight the evil eyes or would he leave again?

Author's Note: Back to topic of love, confusion and so on... Well how could I drift from this topic. It the something that keeps the world going (mostly make people get upside down). Again a draft makes way for my A to Z entry. #SuperBusyMe


  1. Im liking this challenge. Im also loving the fact that we guys are able to deliver awesome posts in an hour's time. Guess we're all special after all;)

    Well written Shine :-)

    1. Very true CRD. thanks
      I find myself digging old drafts.
      I was about to write on the same topic as urs for E had I not found this post in my drafts.
      We will reach the end and will come out smiling. Good luck :)

  2. It couldn't get more powerful than that. Hail to your pen:)

  3. It couldn't get more powerful than that. Hail to your pen:)

  4. It's so easy to get confused about what is true love, isn't it?
    JEN Garrett's Lexical Creations


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