Thursday 28 April 2016

Xenophobia for X | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

Two red head girls enter a huge toy stall. They see no one, they look around and try to locate someone to help them. They started taking a look at the display and shortlisted toys for them. Their dad followed them to the stall and asked, pasand kar liya (have you made your choice). Hanjee (yes) both of them replied. Two kids came out from below the stall, with a sight of relief, yes they know Hindi.

A red head was born in a family, relatives were visiting the new born when one of the young boys raised his concern. Will I have to learn talking in English to speak to her. She does not look like an Indian and she will be speaking in pure English.

A long train journey, one family with an infant. The infant started crying as it looked at the red head. She looked out of the world to the infant.

These were quite cute examples of Xenophobia. Uglier stories exist. I just dont look an an Indian to many and they express their displeasure in many ways. Many subtle ways, one classic one is to get me stand in shade so that my fair skin don't shine while they make way to stand in sun. Many people have done that with me.
We fail to create a world of acceptance, a borderless world. And Xenophobia exists, across borders. We experience it even in out neighbourhood.

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  1. It's sad. What's worse is that it doesn't seem like it's ever gonna go.


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