Friday 22 April 2016

Society for S | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

I somehow do not attend to the notions of pushing someone to be best unless I totally understand what being the best means for that person. I believe I am not worthy to take decisions for others and the best decision that comes from is the one who has to make a decision.

We look at the face as the ultimate benchmark. Wondering if I am falling for the right one. Or is my physical traits compatible with the mindset of someone else's.

That someone else is society that thinks it knows all. It knows what everyone should be doing. They preach while their life is not perfect. They fail to shut up and let them be. They fail to introspect even when repeatedly asked to. They think they know the best and that is their biggest myth.

Society, the confusion you breed in me or on anybody shows your shallow shade. Just shut up and let everyone be! No one needs your rule book, just stfu!

Author's Note: I am running fever! Chao...

1 comment:

  1. I am really dead against society deciding for us. How does one define best or morally right for that matter? So well put, Shine:)


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