Saturday 23 April 2016

Tough Call for T | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

What is tougher - being with someone you don't love OR not being with someone you love. Both situations are mutually exclusive but both carry a hope. Develop love in first case or grow out of love in the later.

While uncomplicated we want lives to be we end up creating stop-over moments.

Such was the trouble, such was the agony of unanswered question and doubts that were not clarified before diving into deep dark waters. Only hope is to find something - a treasure, a mermaid or a companion who accepts you - know when you are about to suffocate and leads you to surface so you can just breath!

Author's Note: T from the archives... Yay. Just a week left to claim the challenge <3 p="">


  1. That's a powerful take on relationship. Delve before we deep:)

  2. I would say being with someone you don't love is tougher. If you're not in love now, then there's no guarantee you ever will be with this person. But if you love someone that you can't be with, that love will fade over time.
    Carol at My Writing Journal


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