Tuesday 1 April 2014

Attitude: A-to-Z Challenge [1 April 2014]

Google states that attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. I would classify, attitude for the fairer sex as either of the five categories, and describe it through a case:

Source: http://imagesbackgrounds.in
  • Girlie: She is prim and proper. She waits for a prince charming and is always donning a good hair day. Do not confuse her with a bimbo, she is a princess with a mind!
  • Fearless: She fears nothing, defies death, goes on unconventional paths and casts her mark. She speaks her mind and follows what makes sense to her.
  • Adventurous: She will not let anything stop her, for that adrenaline rush she will jump off the cliffs. The fear of death and defying it gives her a high.
  • Wild: She does not give a damn, and is someone with weird hairdo, loud ring tones and trekking shoes. She can be happy being in the woods and being with no one but the wild.
  • Tomboy: She is the one who banishes the line between genders. She does not fit into the stereotype versions and looks for a comfortable pair of Cargoes with a Tee when she is heading for a party.
    Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

There is nothing wrong in donning any of the above attitude. Some carry a badge and flaunt it, while some come face to face with it only in solitude.

Author's Note: Girls, pick one that fits you and tell me how do you justify that claim in the comment box.

P.S.: Taking the A-to-Z Challenge head on!


  1. Wow what a start of the marathon! A very unique take on attitude. Well If I have to select something from above I will say I seems to be a mix of girly, a little bit of fearless, and wild in that order. Feeling amazing after reading this :)

  2. Thank you Shesha :)
    Wish you luck for the marathon, it's fun!

  3. A nice start to the challenge...I think I'm Girly and fearless...All the best for the rest of the posts :)

  4. nice reading your post, I would pick a mix of adventurous and wild !
    thanks for sharing !!

  5. Is it just me or anyone else felt the same too? I am a bit of everything :O well not girlie though.

    I love deep sea diving, trekking (adventurous)
    I say or do everything fearlessly
    I prefer cargo or jeans to dresses (tomboy)
    I try varied hairdos and totally drive my friends' minds (wild)

    What am I??? Well, I am Me :P

    Attitude - my favorite word (in A) in English

  6. Thanks Nabanita. Wish you luck too. A-to-Z appears to me more fun than just a challenge!

  7. @G Angela & @iamstri : Thanks for commenting. I agree we are a mix of all. Some traits stand out. What I want to focus here is originality. Rather than categorizing attitude in multitude of options, I feel the ones I have listed are the original ones.

  8. I'm more a combination of tomboy and adventurous. Not in the sense of skydiving or anything, though I have climbed the highest peak here in South Africa, but in the sense of following my way whether the road is popular or not. As for being a tomboy, I'm still trying to find stylish gardening clothes. The shorts will do me in the meantime:-)
    Damaria from http://foodgardeningsa.blogspot.com

  9. I am a bit of fearless, adventurous and Tomboy :D a weird mix maybe :D but love being myself. wonderful start to the challenge.

  10. I am less girlie and more of the rest...I flaunt all mentioned above...
    way to go Shine...waiting for tomorrow :)

  11. What a fun start for the A-Z! Attitude makes all the difference in the world! ♥

  12. Like your attitude, girl :) Interesting post!

  13. A good beginning with attitude :)
    All the best....for the rest

  14. I'm a girlie girl. People pleaser here. LOL.

  15. Thank you all for your comments, I am all set and motivated for tomorrow :)

  16. I fall into the girlie category. But wait, is it a must to carry attitude? I always wonder about that. Is attitude=Self esteem??

  17. Malavikka: Intetesting question. You got me thinking. I believe attitude is how you carry your self esteem.

    It is not must carry attitude categorisation. Attitude is engrained in everyone. And thts unique.. :)

  18. There's also the Dreamer girl, who lives in her own fantasies. Forever a Wanderer, she never settles in one place. She's forever on the move, and you dunno what she wants, or if she wants anything at all.

    I knew of someone like this. She was both mystical and weird. I kinda liked her, but it was frustrating to stick around :p

    Loved reading :)

    All the best.

    Do drop by my blog. I blog at www.scriptedinsanity.blogspot.in


  19. That's an interesting classification. I am girlie and fearless!! :)

  20. That's an interesting classification. I am girlie and fearless!! :)

  21. You forgot bimbettes. The are all so around us all the time.

  22. @CRD: Dreams are pleasant and I believe that those who dreamers are the ones who create their heavens. Yes, I agree they are tough to tolerate.. :D
    @Shilpa Garg: Glad to be introduced to one more fearless chic!

  23. @Anupriya (aka Perplexed Soul): Yes, they are vey much visible but I believe that Bimbettes are not original. I wanted to focus on originality through this classification!


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