Tuesday 11 August 2009

Towards my métier

Word of the day flashed on my desktop. I was indifferent towards it but clicked on the flicker with an intent to add something to my intellect. I have been through the word quite a few times, but did not know the exact meaning, which goes like:

métier \met-YAY; MET-yay\, noun:
1. An occupation; a profession. 2. An area in which one excels; an occupation for which one is especially well suited

The word, strangely took me to think about my métier. What it is? I feel that I have to do few things before I make my move from the world. And of course it is my passion. Alright point taken! is my profession my métier? Or is my métier lost somewhere in the jumble-dumble of official timings and weekend offs?

While I was in college, I thought that office life is going to be fun. But the only fun part about following a profession is that one feels independent. Nothing else!! College was full of activities, slipping out of the lecture just to find something suitable which can pamper my palliate. I was least concerned about the nitty-gritties of life.

It leaves me perplexed! Let me list the things I have to do before I die. I don't know when will I die, but I have to find a way to get it:

Learn Swimming - I love water. I feel great when it rains. I soothes my senses and can take away all my agonies. I want to go to a beach and experience the sea, while swimming like a fish!

Indulge with nature - Now this is again adventure. I want to go for camping expedition, trek, climb hills and mountains and capture the view from most difficult locations. 

Spirit of adventure - Its in my blood, I think my parents have it too. I like risks and coming out of it clean. I like the feel of accomplishing something. Now let it be bungee jumping, para gliding, or hot air ballooning. Gosh I feel it will give me wings to fly! Phewwwwww~~

Travelling - I haven't travelled much, but whenever I travel I intentionally don't sleep. While travelling I have stayed awake for more than 36 hours, I don't feel sleepy and even if I do I prefer to keep my eyes open. While everyone would be sleeping on the back seat, I prefer to chat with my dad while he drives. Besides it helps in self realisation, capturing the scenic locales somewhere in my mind, just to go back home and feel great about this world. 

Entrepreneurship - I have been considering quite a few business plans, but get stuck somewhere. Don't know where to start. Probably it will take time. 

Fight wrong - My friends know very well how I fight back eve teasers. People often suggest me to avoid them, but I just cant stop myself to react at that momentary mess.

Blog - Well thankfully I am blogging! I enjoy it and the blog has shades of me, be it in the stories that I post here, or just random stuff, its all a reflection of me.

Be Myself - I don't like usage of vulgar language. I like to spend time with myself and let a rigmarole of thoughts capture my mind. Thoughts about the moon, starts, night and days, sea and mountains make rounds in my mind. 

Author's Note: 

Ringa Ringa Roses
Pocket full of Poses
“Husha Busha!”

We all fall down! 
Just to get up and sing again!

My métier is to live my dreams~~~


  1. Clarity of thought..thats what i liked abt this blog Mam...at least ur clear what U want from life.....Most of us including urs truly are mostly trudging on the road life is showing them....and absolutely no intentions of finding their own way....

    Surprisingly most of the items on ur wish list are on mine too....have realised quite a few of them...but many more left..

    All the best..may all ur dreams in life come true.

  2. nice one shine...:) one can the inner u..

  3. nice one shine..:) one can the inner U from this..


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