Monday 17 August 2009

Flash - Part IV

For those of you who have not followed the Flash series, please read Flash Part I, Part II  and part III.

The Man

The only question on my mind was, why is he so careless. Why did he not do anything when the lady was alive. We could have saved her. I felt guilty. I felt that I killed the lady. The feeling was just absurd. When I looked back at it, I was not to be held  guilty. I don't know who was guilty, may be the weather which took the plane into sea, or destiny.  The condition that I was in, was guilty. I was living with no gadgets, no communication device, no entertainment tele series. Just me, an island and a sea.

The man came to me a bit distressed, that girl died. Her body is lying next to the scavengers. 
I did not reply. The man was really distressed. Seemed he was high on anxiety. 

He again stated those words in a louder tone. Ooh right, the man replied! You wanted to help her out. Is this how u help people. You killed her!

My eyes were just stuck on the man. He blamed me, for something I was grossly trying to console myself for. The man said further that, u will kill me as well.

The place was cursed. I was fearing that the man will also run inside the sea. He will also do what that lady did. I was just standing and thinking how do I correct things. How do I tell him that I did not do anything. How do I narrate what happened. his words were echoing across the island. I just did not want him to run away from my sight. He kept yelling and yelling till he got tired, and sat close by.

I was thankful that he did not go away. I was happy that he stayed around, rather than me chasing him. He knew that we both need each other's company. For the next few days he did not talk to me, did not eat anything that I offered to him. Thank full he stayed around me. Now I had problems in recollecting how many months have passed. As everyday looked the same. The man also started talking to me. I am sure that he knew that I did not kill the lady. It was pure fate.

Could you help me break this coconut, questioned the man.

Yes sure, replied me.

The man was growing old. He was weak too. I kept praying that someone locate us ASAP, as I did not want anything to happen to the man. He often coughed for long but I did not realise that he was suffering from Asthma. He would walk restlessly, trying to catch his breath. I often apprehended his health. But could not do anything about it really.

One day he did not get up. I could see worms picking pieces of his body and vultures rolling up in the sky. I was numb. I shaked him. He did not reply. He was out of breath, his heart was silent. He was a dead body!

I ran to the other corner of the sea, and wanted to kill myself. It seem worthless for me to stay alone in the island. The sea waves haunted me everyday. The noises were deceptive, as if two many people are talking, guiding me to stay fit, sending signals that you are waiting for me. I resolved that I have to be with you before making my move from this world. 

Author's Note: This was suppose to be the final part.. But my readers are not happy with this ending. So I am likely to carry this forth and come up with further sequels.Thanks for motivating me to write further :-)
PS: This is not the final part.


  1. its a nice story, i felt bad for the guy..:(

  2. Nice story......Touchable also

  3. wonderful writing...
    the way u describe is awesome...
    u rox...
    and m hoping u accept ma request and will remove this final in brackets from the title... :D

  4. pls accept the idea of ma requrst...:)

  5. Shine, the story is incomplete. in the first part the guy is shown narrating the story to his frnd that how he survived after a dreadful accident. i was waiting that someone might come for his rescue bt nobody came at the end. kindly continue writing and dont say that its final part.this is a suggesion from a very close observer and reader of ur blog...

    Also from the movie "Kaho na Pyar Hai" i thought that getting onto a secluded island supposed to be everytime what we see is not true.thanks for bringing the reality forward.


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