Monday 10 August 2009

I support Queers!

For those of you who dont know what does Queer refer, please see here.

People have this inherint tendency to perceive one falling in the catagory that s/he supports. Now before you tag me as one, I dont see any point in justifing my sexual orientation to anybody. People who matter to me know me well, and those who dont know me well are clearly not under my priority list.

The idea to post something on homosexuality has been high on my agenda list. Though I have been an ardent supporter of gayism, I have deliberatly kept quite about the topic, because I wanted my understanding of the topic to be so apt that I can project my opinion in a convinsing fashion.

The High Court of Delhi decriminalise gay sex, but it remains a taboo for a whooping 70% of Indians. Refer to State of Nation Survey, which has come out with findings that Homosexuality is still a taboo in India. Well I believe this tendency prevails because people are averse to change. People think more about social stigmas than someone's happiness.

Take note of this case: "A" is happy with "B" and both are of same gender. They are like any normal couple. They are not harming anybody, just sharing some cozy moments together. Probably want to stay together forever. Die hand in hand. Adopt a child, probably a "girl". Give her the best of education and upbringing. And have a normal life!

Case two (if queers remain illegal): A gay is cheated and heart broken. S/he feels sick and have a strong case to sue the other one. The person is encouraged to get into depression because the society does not acknowledge the existence of this creed.

People do look down to homos and make fun of them. The notorious newsy episode of linking Kjo and SRK. And the very much in news thing: Murder of SRCC alumini who was a gay. Connaught Place's Central Park and the park above Palika Baazar is frequented by the gay community. Spain Tourist Board wishes to promote its gay attractions in India. But the representative office in Delhi shyed away from promoting it on the grounds that it may envoke political rift in the country. I completely identify their apprehensions

I wish to make a point here, with a far sighted view. The Indian society has not been able to achieve any landmark on controlling female feoticide, gender bias etc. Thus having queers is a way out, let the left out male population, who is not to be blamed for the gender mismatch prevailing in the society have their share of love making witin the gay community too.

Plus NGOs, LGBTs, and social activists see lealising gayism as tool to prevent HIV AIDS to reach unfathomable limits in the country. Ours is a nation where sexual needs of people has been suppressed. Let the spirit of love in which ever form be allowed to florish. I support the spirit of queers and happy that gays are coming out to endorse their cause.

Thought to delev: "Its okay to find people peeing on roads but its grossly unacceptable to find two people kissing on road."

Further update on the survey is available here.


  1. I totally agree with what U have written and admire ur courage for touching this taboo topic.

    2 men or 2 women living lovingly together, relishing each others company, supporting each other, growing old it not much better that a man and a woman living together, fighting, ruining each others life, greying each others hair.

    The queers live together by choice (most times) and thus are happier. The heterosexuals are motivated by traditions and society and most times nothing much else.

    Three cheers to the queers

  2. Thanks anonymous for your comment!

    Your opinion on heterosexuals and societal bounds has added another dimension to this thought.

  3. well said. initially i had the inhibitions in accepting this culture however after reading ur blog i strongly feel that whats wrong if two people who are not harming anyone stays together to find happiness. everyone has a right to feel happy.who are we to stop them. if you dont like them together than shut ur eyes and mouth. what will society say is a bull shit question as when you are in trouble than no one from this bunch of people called society will come for ur rescue, then why to listen to them.
    its better to follow ur heart and marry a person of the same gender than to spoil ur and someone else life and cribe for rest of the life.
    Life is a God's gift dont spoil it for others

  4. Well according to what I believe, these relationships are not appreciated or encouraged in india but I think it is unfair to their part. As I believe that only 1 who is similiar to them can understand them. Hence they look for some1 similiar which is not wrong...


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