Thursday 6 August 2009

Protect Intellect

I don't admire my work / stories / reviews being lifted from my blog. I am sure nobody on earth would. I remember how in college I made a point to not share my work with class mates who may copy it to suit their benefit. Though some close friends were always privileged to have access 24x7 to it.

I subscribe to 'freedom of information' but laxity in attributing my work will upset me. Clearly 'I Detest Plagiarism'! Free time in my office often takes me to an entirely new world. The world whose ideals I subscribe to. Recently I was taken to the web page of Creative Commons. The India charter of the website is under IIT - Mumbai. This is a legal self help site to get creative works licenced, donate work and find licenced work which is eligible to be remixed, shared and reused. I am yet to try it, and the field of intellectual property invites my interest. 

Layers to protect creative endeavours supports innovation, discoveries etc are necessary. Starting from the field of science, to the domain of entertainment protection of ones creation calls for 'being creative'. Copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial designs are parts of Intellectual Property. In times to come the domain will spread to sound and smell protection too. I feel I really need to hone up  my IPR knowledge. Its exciting and vast.

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