Tuesday 11 August 2009

Flash - part III

For those of you who have not followed the Flash series, please read Flash Part I and Part II


This one narrates the state of mind of Gyan, a man stuck on an Island for seven years. Heres the narration by Gyan about staying in the Island:

I felt hopeless for not been able to communicate with anyone. There were two people with me and I saw them dieing right in front of me, talking insane and crying for help! I went through the experience while I was horrified at the plight of others.

Rescue crew was visible and passed by us. Days passed by and no sight of man except the three of us, a lady in mid 30s, a man in his 50s and me, youngest of them . I witnessed strange narrations of emotional behavior, extremes of mood etc....

We did not know each other's names. I address them as mam and sir, nobody bothered to. It was already shocking to realize that
you have fallen from some km height, into the endless waters. We survived on the strangest of food, sea water, coconut water. fish and prawns, crabs and even algae.

The Lady:

Around four weeks passed by. We kept seeing helecopters crossing over our heads. We all waves and shouted for help. We were surely not audible to them. The lady amongst us started talking utter non sense. She would say the I am getting Pizza, would you like to have some. She would keep insisting and on realising that we both are not interested she would says, alrite if you two dont want a pizza, why should I get it for me only. Let me call up the Dominos home delivery number. She went off looking for a domino's flyer. We knew that she is mentally very upset and has been talking some non comprehend-able stuff.

I tried talking to the man and said sir, can't we do something about her. She has been talking non-sense. I pity her.

He replied, no. We cannot! passed a forced smile and turned his face away.

I decided to keep quite too, as I knew that we were helpless. The situation was not in our control.

After around some two days I saw the lady lying on a tree branch, not in her conscious state of being. She looked horrible. I tried calling her, she said in a mild tone, did you find a domino's flyer?

The question killed me. I said No to her. requested her to come down. I managed to get her down from the tree and took her to a safer corner.

She ate whatever I gave her and slept. I sat awake next to her, and fell asleep, siding by a rock. Thus i was sleeping while sitting. At around dark in night I heard the women screaming and running towards the sea, there is a donimos flyer. she ran and I ran after her. She drowned and was not visible to be. I was scared.

Author's Note: Thanks all my dearest friends for waiting, I will soon come up with the remaining part of Flash, a perspective of 'The Man'. Keep reading!


  1. Oh i pity the lady too..

    Nice sequel. Would surely want to read Flash- part IV to know what happened to the man. Keep the inquisitiveness going :)

  2. why do u do this. keep us amidst of the blog when it is getting exciting and difficult to leave reading. good way to publicize ur story and create a craze among people... waiting for the next part

  3. Hi shine really a touching one .........eagerly waitnig for the iv part..

  4. Nice one.. i really like the pics u use with context to the blog.. damn good ones...

  5. Thanks all..

    I will for sure come up with the remaining parts soon~~

  6. Congratulations on the new write up! Its quite an attempt.

    I thought Gyan was an inspiration from "Cast Away". Brought back the visuals of Tom Hanks thinking about his wife..

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Yes!! Cast Away was on my mind. I saw the movie long back and could not even recall its name. Hope the story comes out a bit different from what the movie was~~~


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