Thursday 20 August 2009


The terms Networking and social marketing are driving the corporate agenda to new limits. While scanning through blogs I see a lot of focus on social marketing endeavours.  

Now the question:

Did the online networking tools like social networking sites like orkut, facebook, twitters, linkedin and blogs gave birth to this concept?


Did the concept paved way for the development of the online networking tools?

An article online outlined how an entrepreneur / aspiring entrepreneur locate business online. Its all there and easily accessible now. 

The networld is just as amazing as an ATM. I don't see any problem in locating information. Information is instantly served on the desktop, just a bit of effort is require when one fiddles with the mouse and type a few words. This takes me to a mail sent by a friend, which highlights google suggestions, when one types on the search box:

Why are Indians
(The drop down item with suggestions come up with some sensible search items) 

Why are Americans
(The drop down item with suggestions come up with some baseless search items) 

Why are Chinese
(The drop down item with suggestions come up with some funny search items) 

Try it have a laugh. And please suggest who came first - Social Marketing or the online world of Networking

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