Tuesday 18 August 2009

Budding Entrepreneurs

Hmm well this one deserves to be read, especially for people aspiring to get into some entrepreneurial venture! 

This is called exposing the amateurs to the real time business environment. A school in Chandigarh has done it! When I think of Chandigarh I think of industry, rich brats, planned city, Dev D and now an innovative strategy to promote entrepreneurship. 

I went to the city some 3 years ago, for some work which turned out to be done, there was no need to travel there from Delhi, but still it was a remembrance... So it was me and my mom visiting the city and coming back.. But yes I liked the planned aspects of the city, greenery and wide roads with no still traffic.

Well I too had my share of business plans when I was as young as 10 years old. Me along with a kids of my age would plan hosting a fest on the terrace, put up stalls and invite kids from other blocks to join us. Though the plan always remained a plan. But I after reading this article feel that I had an amazing childhood. We had played the best of games. 

Learned cycling with my sisters, as we could not find anyone to teach us, loved to skate during evenings, dancing on the terrace, hide in some scheduled corner of house where no one, not even my dad could locate me. Many of these facets are the same. I still like to go for long walks in North Campus, I would run on the road adjacent to the DU correspondence office. 

But duh! I don't have time.......


  1. well, this gal.. my elder sis has all the traits which an entrepreneur must have. apart from that.. the way she tells things over here in blog is bit different from if she tells it live. so it seems m talking to another self, indeed inner self of my sis.
    keep it up gal.. good going, m with you always

  2. well said. people like these are inspiration for many. and taking it forward for public view deserves an applaud.


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