Friday 5 March 2010

Bully Proof Youself!

It's when the cynicism flows through, their act amounts to abuse - physical / emotional / social. Well quite often than never we come across people who are real cynic. You end up wondering how on earth can someone be such a kowtow for sarcasm? Like you all humble souls around, I too happen to come across many such people who pay genuine obedience to fault findings.

I often brush up my irritation by calling them useless fellows, but that calls for a bit of search on it and understanding psychological aspects that make them so inhumane. Its called bullying! Bullying is a form of abuse, of authority, words, gestures. It could be anyone who tries to possess an authoritarian attitude on others, and get pride out of it.

It's like cactus that stands so calm, but even a gentle encounter may leave you bruised. It's like a street dog, who has to bark at each and every by-passer, more so when the street is calm proclaiming his dominance.
So don't cream their egos by agreeing to them. Try differing and show them a mirror. Never confide in them, they may be coming back to you leaving you all the more hurt. Answer back their crap, they are just testing your capabilities by bugging you. And finally don't pay heed to their blabbering! Remember that bullies are a bunch of underconfident people who are mentally sick. Don't succumb to them, try speaking out!

Author's Note: I prefer being humble. Now that my sister is gonna come out as a psychologist, I happen to learn close to as much as she did during her course. Please feel free to drop in your comments with ideas of dealing with bullies.


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