Saturday, 8 April 2017

Everybody is a Bikini Body!

For as much as I recollect memories from my set experience, people judge others based on possibly every trait. Be it colour - fair, dark, medium; region, religion, and body. Not that they are perfect themselves, but if you don't fall in line with their idea of perfection - you are doomed.

So the clue I am taking here is whether it is about colour, caste, creed or anything at all, there are shallow people out there. Sad part is that they do not see their level of degraded mindset. It is all cool, to perhaps take down someone's head to a level when they feel that they are not good enough.

I now know that there is not point trying to change them, it is more important to say that whatever they think is quite insignificant, because one of the ways it ends up to is the bikini body concept.

Source: Google

I would like to end this post by reiterating that Everybody is a bikini body, just because there are shallow, judgmental and small-minded people out there, everyone get to know that no matter what - their bodies, heritage, colour is just fine. There are goals to achieve, but let's not judge people based on the choices they make.

Let them all don their fancy swimsuits - xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl and so one to enjoy their times at the beach!


  1. The fact is that people look for faults only in people whom they see as more flawed than they themselves are. The day they realise they are falling short somewhere, they either go completely mum or start grudging them out of frustration.

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