Sunday 11 October 2015

My Imagination, Your Words

Look where we have come
This is far from what we planned
Afar from the reach of our imaginations
Pushed out of every possible connection
Of love, friendship, acquaintanceship or animosity
We can't place the blame on anything
Who what is it? Me, you or the circumstances
Oh no, we are those to pass our destiny to circumstances
We both refused to let them rule over us
And promised to stay true to our words
Each word of your promise were put together beautifully
Your carefully crafted words moved me
But later I learnt that you were skilled at it
To make fancy claims and justify them with a different story
It was not the one which ran in my head
Something that would surprise me unpleasantly

She was wide awake, a scream gets her out of her imagination. Her heart was pounding as she deciphered what was going on. There were men outside screaming as they spoke, it appeared that they were mocking at someone. Another scream full of vengeance. And mocking went up even higher, now she could hear women participating in a laugh riot. It did not amuse her, but got her blood gushing in anger - for what she thought was a riot turned out to be revelry, or the imagination from the past? Be it her imagination or the laugh riot, nothing was just as it seems. She was in a different world, she was in a different phase - she payed a visit to some beautifully crafted words!

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