Sunday 20 December 2015

Be Too Much of You!

For those who do not believe in the concept of savior, are often tagged - Too much of something. When those kind of women do not exist the ones that exist are called too much of something.

1. Too educated, ambitious women do not find a man easily. And those who are not educated and ambitions get lost in a daily struggle of family feuds, cooking, spying on neighbors and is that what you find productive? Perhaps that is life for you, may god serve this to you on a platter, with extra topping!

Really I thought it was just for starters, and I have been told that education is the only asset no one can snatch from you - yes that was being fed to me by my grandfather, and my mother!

2. Way too independent. Well I will go for a dutch on a date.

3. I need to look pretty. Because that is what men want! To me I am the center of my universe, I am pretty in my own skin.

4. Start looking out! Really if your wonder why am I still single, I know why are you still married!

5. Be less straightforward. Do not be so much on the face. If I love you, I will still think about hurting your feelings, but if I do not, or if you have been repeatedly crossing that fine line - here it is. F*** Off!

Do damsel in distress exist anymore? Do women need a man, to pose as a saviour? Perhaps they do, perhaps they don't or it is just a matter of perspective.

P.S. Who ever you be, be too much of it :)

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