Thursday 1 October 2015

Did Beef Eating Family Provoke You?

Knaves alone reign in the kingdom of fools
It is not a free nation.
We are biased! We are hypocrites! We are evil!
The We here is anyone who justifies today's Dadri's mob killing.

Need a context on I am talking about?
Over a loudspeaker in a temple there was an announcement. They announced that there was beef in someone’s house. Beef. A food item. A staple food item for many thousands of Indians. A mob surrounds their house and ransacks it. Over a loudspeaker can be a rumour. Eating beef is not illegal. Ransacking someone’s house, however is. The mob doesn’t stop at ransacking the house. They drag the father and the brother out on the road. Beaten till one of them dies. Beaten till the other is rendered unconscious.

Read this - Why We Indians Should Be Ashamed Of Ourselves Today?

It is a bunch of enslaved cultural (caste-ist) conditioned people who think high of themselves. How these men and women define what they love is through their biases - regional, caste, ethnic, location, race, colour, political ideology, .... (take the liberty to add more)

We who kill in the name of anything! A God, Pakistan, Beef!
We are so touchy about honesty that we end up bullying activists and praising genocides.
We dedicate prime importance to our civilization and fail to think beyond out our limited knowledge.
In the internet age we fail to gather information about the world, the very many civilizations, the kings and the rulers.
We are easy to provoke and our mind does have room for empathy.
We are so human and those who come from a different school of thought are monsters.

We fail to see that while we take pride in woman power, we do the exact opposite by stopping her to enter the kitchen when she is menstruating.

Not just that - we have segmented so much that we fail to see humanity. As long as you feed the same gods, follow similar political ideology, so that we define one's supremacy over others.

We strive to find similarities and fail to respect differences. And we fail terribly at it!

I feel terribly sad. I am sorry for the brutal killing! Here take it - If your religion calls for killing, then your god is a monster.

Source: Image - Google Search
The Logical Indian


  1. If killing a cow is anti-Hindu,so is killing a man.

    1. That's the catch. They call it justice!
      Anything done is retaliation looks like an awakening and not as a crime.To me it is a grave heinous shameful act. That was not beef and it failed to bring back her dead father!

  2. "If your religion calls for killing, then your god is a monster"....this is absolutely true......can't agree more with you!

    1. Tolerance about what is served on my (or your) plate is none of their business.
      Tolerance if a skill - donned by HINDU fanatics has gone for a toss.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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