Wednesday 4 March 2015

In Solidarity with Perumal Murugan

What I saw was what pained me.
It was a huge mass of accumulated fodder.
I was forced to swallow an unwelcoming hospitality.
As a guest to them I had to gobble a filthy dish.
I took my leave, held my breath and ran away.
But that mass wanted to get out of me.
Pushing out through my esophagus.
A dish laced with morality, deity and priests.
Was causing a suffocating nauseating sensation.
Pinching me inside of me like nails.
Hammering on the inside of my skin.
I threw up and they were words.
Simply a permutation and combination.
Of 26 alphabets and two punctuation.
My words pinched them.
But their bullying, abuses and threats broke me.
I tried to hide those words, the books and everything.
And now I let those words cause me pain.
I die everyday.

Source: Google Search
P.S: This is in solidarity with Perumal Murugan, a Tamil Author bullied by right wing activists for a controversial novel, gave up his writing career.

Read Who 'killed' Indian author Perumal Murugan?

Author's Note: Come ahead and show your solidarity for a land of law. 
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