Friday 20 February 2015

Irony of asking Aamir Khan to Shut Up.

Of late many developments in the political arena has kept my Facebook feed busy. Mostly it is enlightening, to know what is happening in the world and be acquainted to varied opinions, at times it is frustrating, at times it is funny, and at times it brings out hypocrisy of our society. AIB controversy has been one of them. About the content of AIB - I cannot talk much because I have not seen it. And I did not see it because I choose not to!

A star studded event and some laughs offended those who believe that it went against the basic tenants of Hinduism. AIB took off the video (which was uploaded on YouTube and adhered to the guidelines of YouTube). Then Anushka Sharma made a statement, and them came Aamir Khan. Aamir's opinion was widely circulated. You may view his reaction here (I will dissociate with the caption of this video)>>

Some bashing him, some disagreeing, some agreeing with him and some inferring what he did not state. And then people start bringing the Delhi Belly - DK Bose, dig out his opinions on creativity, poking fun at him, memes of his statements from Satyamev Jayte... This was all right!

It started getting disturbing when Aamir was asked to shut up, coming from Russel Peters asking Aamir to shut up. One may disagree with Aamir Khan, but wanting him shut up is ‪#ironical‬ about the whole ‪#‎AIB‬ debate. When we seek freedom of thought, creativity, words, ideas, protest, humour, name-calling, et al we ourselves need to put us in that situation where we are at the receiving end. ‪

Source: Google Search

While I believe that his statement was balanced - he did not bash AIB, neither did he bash the action against AIB - he upheld the legal course. The essence of his thought was - if you like it you watch it, he did not like it and found it emotionally violent (disturbing). He scold his friends and that is quite a personal talk, which was brought up in the course of discussion during a public forum.

Parting Note: Arnub tries to find the true meaning of 'Freedom Of Speech', as he invites the creators and the people they offended in a scintillating debate.

P.S.: Whoever feels that Aamir should shut up, do not understand freedom of speech.


  1. I totally agree with you Shine. I couldn't understand how Aamir's reaction could offend anybody? He made a very fair and rational comment.

    1. It seems that Aamir's personal opinion has been misconstrued by both the sections (those who support his opinion and those who do not), and it is not viewed as a complete statement, but in discreet sections.
      While the AIB Controversy focuses at freedom of speech (I totally feel that AIB has been a victim) asking anyone to 'shut-up' is totally not in keeping with the spirit of this whole controversy.


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