Wednesday 11 February 2015

5 Saal Kejriwal - A Thumping Victory

Not always do you feel this happy, do you? All the AAPtards (AAPians) say aye!

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A thumping mandate to AAP means reaching to next level of responsibility. It cannot afford to get in a shell of arrogance, overconfidence and shamming personalities. Personally I have had a disconnect with the way any government functions - old fellas shouting in assembly, breaking benches, mics, and creating nuisance. Many of us feel so gloomy with the thought of being face to face with a politician. AAP brings a new face to politics - happy smiling fellas - talking of democracy, new age governance, no corruption and all those fancy promises a Delhite wants to live.

Debate is on whether it is a loss of BJP of not. I would have given benefit of doubt to BJP if it was a close election. But a thumping mandate surely speak a lot. Just 3 seats that go into the kitty of BJP (who projected Modi as the face of campaign) against 67 seats bagged but AAP. I see this as Modi's loss (being the face of BJP during the campaign) than Bedi's loss, who became the face just 2 week before the campaign.

Here are some of contrasts between BJP and AAP:

  • Modi's monologue vs Kejriwal's dialogue
  • Image shamming tactic by BJP vs Smiling (easy-talker) AAP spokespersons
  • BJP's vague vision vs AAP's agenda for Delhi
  • PM doning 10 lakh fashion grandiosity vs a Mufflerman as Delhi CM
  • Religious intolerance vs discrediting religion from governance
  • BJP's 9 months into power vs AAP's 49 days
  • BJP's hush campaigns vs AAP's apology
  • BJP's donning as protector of women by making them stay indoors vs Kejriwal's CCTV plan
  • Modi's achievements front page Advertisements (which are pegged as violation of election commission's guidelines) vs Volunteers with Jhaarus and AAP Caps

Better quality of life wins over than religious derision and ill treatment of quite protesters (I am referring to Cathedral incident). I found many people tagging non-capitalist leadership spread of AAP as a threat. But hang on - the real threat is a real criminal, a mass murderer, a rapist, a person who carries a crime on his cuffs. A socialist, an activist, a democrat, a feminist, etc are ideologies not crime. While capitalist agenda should be followed, the government must not become a machinery to feed the corporate and suffocate humanity.

Author's Note: I would leave you with this thought:
Rape laws must be pegged over IT acts (do we need 5 years for that?)
Uniform Civil Code over Hindu Rashtra (do we need 5 years to put this in place?)
Disability pension for armed forces must not be scrapped (especially when we get so patriotic about Army keeping us safe)

P.S.: An Aam Aadmi has been made into a khaas aadmi by the Aam Aadmi of Delhi. 
I am not going to be a blind follower. Hope ‪#‎AAP‬ sticks for long. Stays honest and true to its core values. Delhites are not easy to fool. Congratulations ‪#‎Aaptards‬ ‪#‎Aapians‬!   Make AAP deliver and keep pushing the Aam Aadmi Party towards best governance. It cannot afford to flounder!


  1. Thumbs up to your analysis Shine...and I was happy to see Aap winning this time. There's no other way to address arrogance than they way Delhi responded in this election. Though I am afraid of full majority and hope it doesn't have a negative effect on governance.

    1. Thanks Hemant - I agree with you, a 95% spread in assembly is not good! Hope AAP understands that it is elected in the true spirit of Democracy and keep note of public, analysts, human right experts and specialists while formulating policies. I have a strong disconnect with secretive governance - I hope AAP follows the basic tenant of democracy - To the people, for the people, from the people!


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