Tuesday 21 April 2009

Jab We Met

I just don't get tired of this one! Turn it on a trillion times and I will be happy to see it again. This is a cute movie. The movie is narrated as a travelogue between Mumbai - Bhatinda - Manali.

It gets you hooked with simple yet stunning views, though the camera work has been from two angles only. The acting is imbellically simple and direction has been an example of clear cut vision. Read Imtiaz Ali's take on JWM

Kareena's acting has visibly evolved and caught the genere of her first movie 'Refugee'. She plays the character of a typical sikh girl, Geet. She has a big family and she is planning to elope with her boy friend as the guy is not a sikh. The girl just don't stop talking and is crazy to marry her boy friend Anshuman. Shahid Kapoor plays Aditya Kashyap. A businessman whose girlfrined ditched him, dad expired and mom is married to someone else. He looks at life with a prism of hopelessness. The lead characters meet in the train and the travelogue beguns. 

The girl runs away from her house and her family is under the impression that Aditya is the one to trick her and leave the house. She goes to her boy friend but he refuses to accept her. She spends 9 months in Shimla expecting to convince Anshuman. It is when the family of Geet locates Aditya and ask him to call Geet. 

A must watch for those who dont know how to come out of thoughts of past love. This one teached how to just flush it off. 

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