Sunday 31 July 2016



Such a crisp and snappy word. It looks like a high speed vehicle about to accelerate in the endless roads. But at the moment it is standing on a highway, while I am standing on a pavement next to Now.

While Now is to leave, there are questions I have for Now to answer me right at this moment. But Now never stops, it moves like the seconds hand of a clock. And I have this something to make Now stay for some more time, converse about the random things that make Now wonder. Just as the random stuff that makes me think deep. Just a drop on a window pane has the power to make me think about the universe, or just wonder what that one decision I took would have led me where in the parallel world.

Perhaps I am a deep thinking, and so is Now. But Now's ways are a little different. Now speaks in moments, I speak in lengths.

I want all the answers now, Now answers me in bits and pieces.

Source - Google Image Search

Author's Note: I have become someone who wants to figure out stuff right now. Sleepy now, dozing off!


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