Friday 15 July 2016

Fence, a creaking Fence!

I had been sitting on a fence
Really narrow and weak
Holding my weight
And waiting for me
To muster enough strength to stand
It makes a creaking sound
Source: Google Image Search
As I make way to stretch my leg
Telling me to stop
For the fence is old and weak
bearing with me
But me, I have been exhausted
To see people unmask
The fence carries no mask
I was to be a playful accomplice
To the fence
I am in love with its honesty
Weak and dull
With all its imperfections
And loving me back
A little more intense than I love it
In real sense with all its raw and broken self.

Author's Note: Finally wrote something after a long long time, it was when I was about to toss off to sleep.

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