Friday 7 February 2014


Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans. It is when we are trying to understand if we are a unicorn, mermaid, dragon or batman, but the reality is that we are we, and not a fictitious character.

While being high on Sex And The City, I cannot help but wonder (pun intended) what is all that fuss about a single women in New York? I have my own share of stories coming right from the horse's mouth - a single woman in New Delhi.

So if you are a writer - by profession and passion, just as I am, what is it that you are looking for? Here's are the few important ones:

- First thing that I look for is my mobile. It is not like school anymore, when my parents use to shout - get up you are getting late. You have to take responsibility of getting up in time. Parents are always a back up when you mistakenly cancel your alarm, when you meant to snooze it.
- The next thing I look for in the morning is not my tooth brush. It is recollecting which day is it and how far is the weekend. How much time can I take out for myself today. And if it is a weekday, the answer is zilch minute!

It makes me come to think about the 24 hour clock, in which we have to catch up with work, commute to work, stretch at work, eat at work, and work work work! Still the work never gets done, we always have a to do list for a tomorrow at work. You get home, to find your mom with a detailed account of how did her day go. And all you do is listen while of-course working on your laptop. And hello it is not that work work, it is your personal work. Remember that pending internet bill, or the mobile bill that you will have to pay online. I am sure we do it while having our dinner. By the time your mom tosses off to sleep, after feeling ignored and not complaining about it, you have your best friend. And here's that call - you could be super busy - but you know that you need it. You need to hear that voice and that you are blessed to have it!

Author's Note: This one is dedicated especially to those late night, cheerfully joyous calls. Love you my special people and all my friends.

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  1. Ah! I love the entire post... While I thought of reading the update tomorrow- I said to myself why not before going to bed! And I did the right thing.

    This work, work, work, work,- still work never gets done!
    Especially for most of the people into serious career- Todays busy life is killing, the job, the responsibilities at home, work pressure/performance pressure, and you want those heart to heart moments in whatever time is left to you after the whole day.

    Our mothers are so patient and calm, never complaining about how busy our lives have become, when theirs were always about us! Love moms... :)


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