Thursday 15 April 2010

Love Sex aur Dhokha

Love Sex aur Dhokha (LSD) focuses on three stories, intermingled yet standing out. It shows that each one of us are a part of a unique story line. 

The third directorial venture by Dibakar Banerjee , who has had movies like Khosla Ka Ghonsla , and Oyye Lucky Lucky Oyye ! All the three movies revolve around the basic norms of the society, while his earlier movies had the lead moving off happily in the end, LSD differed!

In LSD, the fact is reaffirmed that one is being watched, through CCTVs, handy cams, bag-camera etc. There is no lead, it is the interplay of characters showing that honuor killings happen, casting couch is very much existent and money can drive people to do cheap stuff!

Watch the movie, because after coming out of the hall, one gets a strange feeling of getting robbed, cheated and smashed on the back. There is not use of great technology, but the content drives you to think! 

It also reaffirms that it is still a gender segmented society, where one who wants justice should con the masculine lot!


  1. seriously its a bakwas movie, did not expected this from D. banerjee.

  2. @ Ravish: As reflected in the post such cheap people do exist. I don't find it bakwaas, I somehow feel that whatever exposes the hypocrisies of the society is being looked down! So is the case with this movie and with this comment of yours.... No offense its your opinion though!

  3. should i watch this?? wat u say?


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