Friday 15 May 2009

Writing Fictions

Ever since I started a fiction blog, this beloved plinth has been slightly sidelined. These days I am into reading loads of blogs and came across really amazing writing, some are as follows:
Hope this voyage will help me evolve as a writer, some indegenious insights about writting fictions:

You can think of numerous incidents and plan a story around it, like I considered writing on gays, love etc. But when you start typing it down, the planned story takes a different shape. Therefore beginners should just start typing down the story idea and let it carve a shape on its own!

Personal preference counts, I don’t like to get a character married/hooked, later to realize that his/her ex has come out of nowhere!

Remain factually authentic. You will have to research about facts.

You will love to find people taking on blogging after getting to learn your experience. Keep blogging or start a blog, its amazing and refreshing!

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  1. Im not paying you for the endorsement on your blog :P


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