Thursday 14 May 2009

Kind encounter

Though she had an umbrella but the strong wind can fly it away, lightening and rain refused to stop. She doesn’t have any problem walking in the rain, but decided to stand under a shed. Two gentlemen in 50s were standing besides her discussing bearish stock markets and recession. Some beggars also sat conveniently under the shelter.

She: I noticed a guy walking pass by me; a question crossed my mind: Do I know him? He seems familiar, but I had not known him. The moment his eyes met mine, I uttered, ‘why don’t you come in the shed’. He stood next to me. It rained for a good half an hour, but none of us took forth the conversation. I was embarrassed by my reaction, and was wondering how on earth it bothers me if any tom, dick or harry is getting wet in the rain. Anyways we left the shed when it stopped raining. Out of awkwardness, I did not look at him and don’t know if he too wanted to say bye.

He: I was walking towards the park and was disgusted by invariable marriage applications by my parents. A girl stopped me near a shed; she wanted me to stay as I was getting wet in the rain. We stood together for a good 30 minutes but she did not speak to me. I wanted to ask her, what on earth makes her concerned for me when I was soaking my anguish in the rain. I hunted for an answer but she did not look up to me.

A week later in a restaurant

She: I was checking out the crowd; I noticed him. He was with a girl, cutting cake. His sight encountered mine and a kind smile came to me.

He: My parents have agreed to get me married to my childhood love; we were celebrating at a restaurant while I spotted her. All I could do was to pass a smile.


  1. Strange encounters!
    Beautiful memories!
    Asking for no more!

  2. ha ha... so true...this post is very simple n realistic though a fiction thing..kudos buddy...u hve a gud pen...

  3. ha ha.. so true...ur post is simple n realistic though its a fiction...kudos buddy...u hve a gud pen...keep goin.. cheers...


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