Tuesday 10 June 2008

Delhi's heritage - a misty fable

Tourism prospects do wonders to the economy! Some cash on it and some keep it in a cold store.

Take Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong counted amongst the Asian touring hot spots! They have replicated many of the heritage wonders, kept them for the Great International Travellers to witness and grab a piece of applause. Now we talk of one of Asia's most dynamic economic centre ~~ New Delhi ~~.

What would someone wanting to lead a fast life ask for? Delhi has it all! Sky high buildings, roads clogged with traffic, the happening hang out zones amongst others.

On an ironical account, Delhi has not maintained its heritage sites, the charisma attached to the Delhi Metro is more dynamic than the centuries old stamps of the Mughal empire.

Strolling through any of the heritage sites, or for that matter taking a walk in Connaught Place, one can find bits and pieces of thrash, thrown out by the irresponsible lot who does not feel the pain in blowing out the monetary jackpot. But they care the least in putting the thrash in place.

The maintenance of the so called tourist attractions might be a daily affair, but the rubble is collected somewhere on the corridors of these sites. The rubble stinks and is the breeding ground for germs, diseases, acting as tourist repellents.

Can't we all come together and pledge today to follow some of the possible habits to avoid breeding unhygienic environment. I herewith request all the readers of my blog to comment on what all contributions they can make in spreading cleanliness in and around Delhi!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Shine, I do agree with your concern. Infact almost all heritage properties in Delhi stinks badly of urination, cluttered with polybags and proves nothing more than the lover's spot. I think sometimes sooner there will be no heriatge thing but the ruins of architectures...


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