Monday 26 May 2008

Raining heavily, its just May!

I love it when the sky is studded with countless droplets!

The passage from my home to office, seem to me would be a smooth task with bright sunny morning. As last week had been by and large a raining preposition, today was no exception. The moment I was out of the metro tunnel station, I could make out that the clouds have cast dark shadow between Sun and mighty Earth and by the time I could actually rush to catch a bus, it was already raining heavily.

I thought boarding an auto would be a convenient option, after a series of arguments with the drivers who were not willing to hire on the meter price, I finally found a decent sole who agreed to fare on my terms - as per the meter. But the destiny had something else in mind! mearly 50 seconds past, I looked at the meter and the word -Error- appeared on the display. I informed the drive on an authoritative tone! 'Bhaiya Meter nahi chal raha' he tried his hands at it, hit it from the back and front, and mildly blaming the weather for the inconvenience. As he couldn't succeed, he said 'Madamji, jitna banta hai de dena'. 

On the 10 km stretch I could not locate a single decent driver, it seems like a Formula 1 track where everyone drove to compete with an invisible contender. Nobody seem to care about logged water and people travelling on bikes and autos. As its obvious that the people travelling in open wagons are most vulnerable to get a sprint of logged water right till their head during the rainy days! Every time a bike, a car , or a bus passed, the logged water could not deter to move against the gravity, jumping with joy to reach till the plastic sheeted roof of my auto. I held my umbrella on my left and set the plastic sheet of the auto from the right side, so that I can save myself from the revelry celebrated by the logged water. I just wanted to reach my without any hassles.

I stayed away from the rainy day celebration as water clogging coupled with bad driving habits and unplanned infrastructure occupied my mind all through the 40-45 minutes auto ride. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation construction is likely to bring some relief to such infrastructural problems, though its practically a 'white lie' if I peg it with a challenge.

I reached office, ironically the most beautiful and surprising day turned into a dirty and unhygienic fable for me. I know that the history made today would be repeated - every time it rains in New Delhi !

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  1. rain rain go away,
    come again another day,
    little johny wants to play
    rain rain go away


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