Tuesday 3 April 2018

Check Mate | Day Three of A to Z Challenge

In the world of self righteousness and moral highrounds, when criminals take refuge in being the messiah, how are we to call ourselves for what we are. How do we untame the will to be right and just be us. The whites that all of us have been pasting over our faces and souls, gets washed away when it rains, gets cleaned out when we bathe, gets washed off in secrecy of our selves.

The fight for being right will never get over with, till we get fine with being unright and just view them for what they are - imperfect in their own beautiful ways!


  1. Nice... good and evil, never ending game of chess in this world :)

    1. Thanks Shesha for stopping by :) - trying hard to revive the spirit of A to Z Challenge!

  2. I love the perspective. And yes, those who pretend to be saints and drape themselves in pure white are even more dangerous than the inherently but unpretentious 'blacks'. Nonetheless, irrespective of which side you are on, it's the pawns who get killed first on both sides. :p



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