Wednesday 3 December 2008

Don't condemn the language of creativity

Well we are criticising Mr. Ram Gopal Verma for his presence at the Taj, with the CM. He deserves this criticism. After all, India was shattered! Some 10 odd infiltrators taking refuge at the top-end locales, bombing us mercilessly. Mr. Verma was wrong to explicitely hold his commercial interests over the phase which the nation went through. The 60 hour long seige got the entire nation to a stand-still.

Is there any harm in filming the recent Mumbai Seige, or call it 26/11, 2008?
I dont see any!
Movies, theatre, and other forms of art, are ointments for social healing. They reflect the sensibilities of mankind, mirror social - remember the chatter bug that seem to have hit our unsensitive politicians.
As a medium, they reiterate that out intelligence is not upto the mark. It highlight the need for better security. They reflect the diplomacy going around.
We will keep condemning the attacks sitting at some high end eatery, or at the closed walls of our rooms. But the power of cinema will take it to theatre at the interiors of nation.
Movies reflection of society, a historical documentation, reflecting the society and the civilization. The gen next will bank on media archives collected at the virtual world, let them know, let them understand, let us give them the art to better find their way out, rather than messing up the facts.
Let us mature, please dont condemn the art. Bollywood has been credited with maximum film productions in the world reaching out to the tune of 9,000, in various langauges.
Please dont condemn the prospects of reeling up the seige, as these fictional accounts speaks volume about the gravity of the crisis, and bring the unsaid to the forefront.
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1 comment:

  1. nice article
    very well written and thought provoking but a bit narrow insight.
    Need to have a birdeye view
    Our aproach neeeds to be global holistic. Not confined to US india pakistan.
    There are approx 300 more countries in the world who are equally the part of the smoke in this brownian motion of world affairs


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