Thursday, 7 June 2018

Marketing in B2B post-GDPR fiasco

The May 25 deadline has passed - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is gaining notoriety not just from IT Security teams by also from the sales and marketing fraternity. It has compelled marketing, sales and data driven departments to take a close look at their strategy! For instance, GDPR compliant processes need marketing teams to ensure 'Explicit Consent’ from a recipient to opt-in, rather than widely followed practice of opt-out! A survey by PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) revealed just 6% of US-based companies affected by the GDPR considered they are compliant. 92%, however, consider reaching full compliance a top priority.

With GDPR marketing, sales and senior management are compelled to think that their prospecting funnels are structurally flawed and intrusive. 

While assessments about why GDPR are doing rounds it is crucial to look at the problem area – taking down intrusive marketing processes and ensuring effective marketing activities to drive revenue in the current day digitally cluttered world.

Gathering attention of audience B2B space is a struggle, GDPR has further narrowed the lead generation funnel. Or another way to look at it is GDPR has forced marketing, sales and senior management to think – and accept that their prospecting funnels are structurally flawed. Corrective measures are required to refine the lead generation processes.

Let’s look at a few lead generation mechanisms, post GDPR:

1. You need to use search engine / social campaigning - prompt interested visitors to engage and encourage them to opt-in. Eg. Want to read more? Fill in this form and consent to our terms. This could be a lead, competitor or a student finding information online. It is a great way of engaging a lead – narrating what’s in store for them. At the same time, it is crucial to keep touching the lead with value-able information.

2. Traffic counts when you bring the right people, useless traffic will not serve you. Traffic assessment has to be aligned with visitor tracking solution. The constant struggle between sales and web-marketing over lead qualifiers is real. So monitoring individuals by capturing information through tools such as WhoIsVisiting, does more than churning traffic numbers.

3. Bringing prospects to the website – but wait what next? You traffic numbers could be skyrocketing, but engagement, clicks on CTA buttons is avoided. Why? Because you simply fail to connect with the visitor. Form stories and enable a lead navigate on your website to find the information one is looking for. The process needs to be synced with business acumen, A/B testing and automation capabilities.

That's where I will leave you today. Think, ponder and please share your thoughts, I am happy to discuss further on B2B marketing strategy!

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