Tuesday, 3 May 2011

TeeZing 2011

For all of us, a T-shirt is a must. Could you imagine the world without T shirt? I feel that I am trapped in the lift of a high-rise building and there is no escape. Its suffocating without a T-shirt! Be it an easy attitude of a simplist grey, or a flambouyant yellow with a silver text.. We all are incomplete without the basic colours of Tee in our wardrobe. More so, a pair of denim looks the best with a tee.

Let the wackiest, crasiest and funkiest of you come out. Let the T-designing skills move beyond your sleeping-suit. Participate in TeeZing 2011 by logging on to http://teezing.allaboutcotton.com/

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PS: What comes to your mind when you think of world without tee? Do comment :)

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