Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mysteries of Love and Mind Games

"Love is like a wild flower, always found in unlike places."
You cannot condition your mind to love, not love or hate someone. However, no matter how you feel you are likely to test if the feelings are mutual. So there is a great possibility that you may try and put them in situations to know how they react. Then you will be able to lift clues, assume and infer what they feel for you.

It is easier in case of people you hate or do not love but when it comes to love, here's something this image profoundly explains:

How do you know if it is Love? Mind games do not work in case of love. If you are into such games then it is not love, it is more of a strategic, thought through decision to weigh your options. In love, you often overlook the bads and just go with the goods in a person. But the point is that you have to accept both the bad and the good. It is a completely different individual that you are considering here and not your clone. Refrain from thinking that you will change the person, get the one who closely fit your image.

For me it is love when (please add on to the list in the comments section)

  • You get a text from him when you are thinking about him
  • You call her when she is just to step for an exam and you wish her luck
  • No matter after long you meet, it feels that you have been meeting forever
  • You do not have to explain your goof-ups to someone
  • You are sure that you are not just an option for someone

Love is simple, it is when someone cares too much for you. So what is it that matters, why do relationships fail, why do we complicate them? When people suggest that you be practical, it could sound hackneyed, and I bet you do not fall in this trap, you believe that you are different and better be treated like one. You break the rules, go against your principles, defy mindsets and just do what ever you feel could be done to get the answer to - If s/he genuinely loves me?

But in the end, you just have to live with the reality - take a stance - walk away or stay.

Author's Note: Perhaps that is the reason that I am so against the concept of so called arranged marriages. All that they want to know is how much money you make and are you a good cook. People hardly invest time in understanding the other person and start imposing the 'what you have to do to be the one for me' considerations.

P.S.: You never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.

P.P.S.: Miseries of love sounds like a better title for this ;p


  1. were right, I know it all :P

  2. It's hard to put love in words. You know when you are in love, you know when he is the one for you and even you don't get him, you know he has changed you, for better of course. Love teaches.

  3. Thanks for your comment Saru. True, that love teaches, but when love's teachings take a nasty turn and become a life's lesson - you wish that the sanctity of the word was maintained.


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